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RINO Lindsey Graham Gets Shredded Over Detention Of January 6 Protesters On Tucker Carlson
Feb 02, 2022

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  • When would Ms. Lindsey like them to throw the book at the J6 protestors - 5 years from now, 10 years from now? What happened to a speedy trial? What happened to being charged before being jailed? I hope the SOB took the jab and all the boosters.

  • Demonrat, Rino, tomato tomato why the fuck isn't term limits and destroying federal dictatorial departments not the biggest thing in conservative talk... Demand they go get a real fucking job after 2 years (chasing ambulances), limiting "bills" to only what the eldest of them can read out loud on the floor in one hour. Only one bill proposed every quarter. Let states have the faggot depts if they want. Close all federal minus one military. Throw anyone in Mason's order out on their ass. Let the individual states fight over talented populace.

  • Lindsey Graham has always been a swamp creature hate to say that he played the part like a good conservative in the hope you never get power again to the Democrats he was screaming at but all in a while sleeping in the same bed as Democrats to destroy and overthrow our government and that's what they did. Especially when Lindsay he likes dildos up his ass allegedly that's the word around the water cooler but who do I know nobody but I do know he's a piece of ship or stabbing Us in the back and here he is stabbing more American citizens in the back. What a coward piece of shit any used all of us. He will have his day in the Darkness only Shine the Light into the evil face of this and other demons that pretend to be humans shitol cat disinfectant asshole eating satanic loving cult because only people that do this to innocence AKA We the People that had every right to be there because it's not the government's house it is the Americans people's house anything the government has or has gained bother you so American taxpayers and the government you do not own Jack fucking shit because it belongs to all of us. The ones that were causing the damage I can say that those who did break stuff should be prosecuted not like a hardened Nazi Criminal. I also have to say some of this damage and destruction could have been avoided and prevented. There's a video of a trump supporter telling the police in riot gear to stop those only 20 feet away that are breaking windows to try to get in the police did nothing and there was about 30 officers in full riot gear and they did nothing that speaks volumes to what the evil scum wanted to have take place and that is that the capitol burn down and many were dead. That's what they wanted because it was all a trap sing the videos of police letting American Patriots roam the Halls in a polite fashion not even going over the Velvet ropes such evil terrorist oh no give me a break. That's the narrative they're spinning and still trying to stick do that we are all terrorists. I also hope and pray when Lindsey Graham goes back to his home state he gets a a very unwelcome in a polite peaceful manner but do it in a way with nothing but American Spirit. God bless you all God Bless America

  • Lindsey is a democrat.

  • Lyndsey grubworm.

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