Nov 30, 2021

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  • The fact that she's on CNN tells us all we need to know. When's the last time you've seen an elected Marxist (aka Democrat) on Fox or Newsmax?

  • Typical Republican Establishment/RINO in Congress. This video is just pathetic.

  • All the more reason not to believe any of them.

  • So who is this cunt?

  • I can’t stand this two faced RINO.

  • GOP here wants NOTHING to do with her! They are well aware that she is a BACK STABBER!

  • What people see in the media is SCRIPTED!!!! No matter the outlet, they all are reading scripts. What you can't see is the teleprompters that the interviewer and interveiwee are reading....Main Stream News is all fake!!! They use facts, data, and a little truth as weapons of deception....wake up

  • See who the enemies are? Just look around. The DARK force has a strong influence on the weak minded. Know the time is near! Sorcery can not fool the Faithful! We're not going back!

  • Businesses should also be sued and held accountable if they are allowing employees to wear the wrong masks and then exposing customers to harm.

  • If it has to be an N-95 mask, not just a surgical mask, that provides benefit from the scamdemic, then why are schools allowing kids to wear surgical mask and cloth masks? Every school should be charged with child endangerment if they are allowing kids to expose themselves wearing the wrong mask. The kids won't know "the science" behind which mask they need, schools should be held accountable. One count of child endangerment for each kid exposing each other kid with the wrong mask. So class of 10 would be 90 counts because each kid is endangered 9 times.

  • so many paid heads saying what they're paid to say. it sickens me and i support none of them. THEY are part of every problem!

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