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San Fran Officials Deem 'Looting' To Be Too Offensive To Describe Mob Of Degenerate Criminal Thugs
Nov 24, 2021

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  • In South Africa they call it redistribution of wealth. It all boils down to theft by low I.Q. individuals too lazy to get an education and work for a living.

  • Without political support, police are unlikely to put a stop to shoplifting; it means, of course, retailers may be forced to shut local stores not only making it harder to get goods, but hollowing-out segments of commercial real estate that pay lots of taxes to the municipality. Now, and over the long run, local leaders are likely to get a front row seat to what happens when lawlessness is seen as an equity builder or "safety valve" that fosters diversity and inclusion; in this case, it may be assumed, incorrectly, that criminal activity is the province of a particular racial group.

  • The way these commie news outlets present their "news" to you is literally designed to tell you what you think about something. It's so obvious to me that I can't believe anyone can watch this stuff and not realize that they are being told what to think.

  • It is called a fucking crime you asshole. A grown child. I thought I saw it all.

  • I always thought a duck is a duck is a duck. Thank god we have these "experts" to convince us otherwise

  • You and your network are all full of sh*t. Stealing is stealing. Quit trying to PC everything, you MORONS.

  • "organized robbery" That is organized CRIME. Thanks them for making their own noose. I like it. Stop using "looting", and use "organized crime".

  • They are clever they created a knot they cannot get out of. They said "organized robbery", because they are dancing around the correct term "organized CRIME". They are admitting it is NOT "peaceful protesting". Thank you very much. But get the terminology correct, it is "organized crime", and TERRORISM. All persons involved, who aided, supported, encouraged, empowered, advocated these crimes are guilty of organized crime, and terrorism. That will include Kamala Harris, the Obamas, Joe Biden, and many other debased traitor politicians and officials. All their actions should be recategorized as organized crimes of terrorists.

  • Let's use the term "organized crime", and whom involved, supoorted, advocated, etc are guilty of "organized crime", like mafia. That will include Kamala Harris, the Obamas, Joe Biden, and many other debased traitor politicians and officials.

  • Theft is theft and California has allowed this sort of thing to take place.

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