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Sen. Kennedy Hilariously Roasts Joe Biden & The 'Dipsticks' In Washington
Nov 25, 2021

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  • Thank you, Sen Kennedy, for the chuckle, because that is all we can get out of DC anymore, are laughs

  • If Trump would have done his job and upheld his oath to defend country and election system, Biden wouldn't have even been allowed on ballot and he wouldn't have been able to cheat Tulsi out of the primaries, and everyone would have voted for Tulsi Gabbard instead. First female President hit glass ceiling of election fraud. Probably karma against her because she wrote anti-2nd amendment legislation that would have disarmed people like Kyle Rittenhouse who would have been killed trying to defend his city from burning. What a dumb btch Tulsi Gabbard is. Swears an oath as a soldier to defend constitution, then tries to undermine bill of rights.

    People still would take tulsi over pedophile joe though, if Trump admin had defended election system. No one would logically vote for Fools Gold President trump again after getting backstabbed by his administration. Thats how we ended up with Biden.

  • Biden does seem worse for the country, but he really is better for some of us. If everyone just votes for their best interest then the best interest for the majority should manifest.

    The problem with the Fools Gold President trumpet, is build NY up, knock NY down. Build MAGA up, knock MAGA down. stealing gold from under the world trade towers. setting event 201 to warp speed to usher in Iraqi Dinar fix-and-flip scam. worth 10 trillion to 100 trillion dollars, way more than your dumb vaxxed kid's life, from their perpsective.

  • I voted for Biden in 2020 and it has been way better than Trump era. I did vote Trump in 2016 and it just didn't work out for me. Couldn't even hold job under Trump adrministration because his corrupt DOJ and Alphabet Agencies harassed me at every jobsite. I even had my voice cloned with some AI software technology and they were calling female coworkers on my behalf trying to frame me... Not sure why Trump didn't replace corrupt goverment positions with patriots. Obama replaced everyone and staffed government with people loyal to his ideology, why didn't Trump put us in government instead of targeting us. Its because 9/11 truth. Iraqi Dinar currency fix-and-flip is last payoff of 20 year wars, worth 10 trillion to 100 trillion dollars, global economic collapse will usher in that rest to finish the scam.

    Under Biden everyone is too dumb and panicked to target us anymore and life is slightly better. I'm sure once Trump gets back in we will probably be targeted again or arrested. Dumb political game.

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