SHOCKING: Resurfaced CDC Video Reveals The Evil Plan You See Unfolding Today
Oct 23, 2021

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  • I wonder if she belongs to that "special" tribe that hates White Christian people.

  • Well if wants to get rid of all the white people, she should start with those surrounding her and herself.

  • I want to say it's shocking but these people on the left, the progressives, have lost it. This is what I expect to hear from people like this.

  • One of the cable networks several years ago made a movie loosely based on the supposedly sole surviving transcripts from the "Wannsee Conference". What I just saw reminded me of that. Do you think years from now someone will make a movie about the medical tyrants doing the same thing to us {ALL of us}?

  • Psychopath Bitch ugly Cow. Justice is on the way .

  • Does anyone get this impression about the medical profession?....... THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH ISN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE.

  • Now you know why coloured peoples are not getting vaccinated by the system.--The Commie Globalist DEMs need them as replacements for all the covid vaccinated White People that are going to die from Covid VACCININGITIS[vaccine-in-gitis] during the next 5 years. I have never seen anything so chilling as this women talking about mass murder on such an unimaginable scale like she would a shopping experience.. Like Stalin said, One death is a tragedy, a billion deaths is a statistic.

  • we all know their plan .... now what is this country gonna do about it n these evil people .. gitmo ..

  • Dude looks like a wonder she is so angry....hahahah ahh hahahah

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