Dec 22, 2021

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  • We arent naming human names though?

  • siri is part of big tech Ted

  • lying ted just another deep state turd who is owned by one of the biggest banks on wall street~ Or have you all forgotten about the 2016 bullshit he was swimming in?

  • Jackass has a stock iphone? We don't have a flying hope outside God.

  • hate big tech, now look at my APPLE PHONE... WITH VOICE ACTIVATION AND TRACKING ON............... HE IS FORKED TONGUE...

  • I'm wanna challenge him on his commitment to free speech with couple of questions, and see how full of shit he is

  • Apparently Big Tech is for freedom of speech as Siri had no problem opposing you. The problem is they don't want freedom to speak for anyone else. Stay true Ted Cruz! Don't let them turn you into a lying machine, if you can help it.

  • Start assassinating big tech CEOs and this all stops

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