Nov 22, 2021

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  • Eh, the delivery is worse than the joke.

  • Saturday NIght live is shit show of COMMUNISTS who are not even funny I haven't seen since 1980

  • Weekly shills for DNC and Big Pharma.. truly disgusting

  • Did you hear the joke about the black dude from SNL who stuck his head out the window on the freeway and his lips beat him to death?

  • Yeah are these guys socially distancing in the audience? Like watching an old episode of MASH after I've seen it 25 times before.

  • You can find funnier shit on youtube. Or in a holding cell on Epstein Island.

  • SNL: The only thing less funny than ass cancer.

  • Canned laughter is pathetic.

  • Affirmative action nigger can't perform. Many such cases. Sad.

  • SNL hasn't been funny since the early 1980s....they are a bunch of liberal hacks with the worst writers ever! The only thing "funny" about the black dude's skit was when he called BLM's looting and rioting a "protest". BLM should be protesting their parents and teachers.

  • I actually found the first 40 seconds of this truly humorous lol

  • Weakness and frustration is displayed by people who obviously try to piss you off. They are trying to incite an irrational conversation, that no rational person would engage. One good responses is indifference.

  • He forgot to say peaceful protesters (with guns).

  • Love the laugh soundtrack. SNL is real garbage.

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