Nov 30, 2021

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  • The test, question one - Who is the president of the United States? Biden: Dr. Fauci!

  • They won't 25th his sorry ass until the day after the second anniversary of his sham inauguration. This way kamel hairass can get 2 years plus rig the next two elections afterwards to give their agenda a full 10 years.

  • Democrats believe that the whole world are morons like Americans,, this was a stolen election,, Rinos allowed it and support it,,do not forget

  • I see Obama involved… Biden repent heaven is at hand

    Yahusha Hamashiach’s holy blessings

  • If Biden was at full mental health the country would be completely destroyed already. We can't even beat Biden when he is half brain dead. He literally overpowered the entire DOJ, Military, and all other alphabet agencies to steal the presidency and dismantle the country. He can't be stopped and he is walking senile brain-dead idiot. We couldn't beat the Taliban either after 20 years... the Taliban were still alive after 20 years of fighting the worlds most advanced and expensive military, and our guys just gave them all their equipment and bailed on civilians while surrendering. I think our country is beyond repair...

  • Look at the controlled opposition network FOX telling you everything you already know but spinning it to you for a very specific reason. What is that reason? Biden is just a dottering old fool who can't be held responsible for the crimes against humanity he's been told to commit. To be replaced with the heavy hitter against your freedoms, maybe Camel-law, maybe trump, who knows? It's all kangaroo court complete with jesters in a clown world with you being the but of the joke.

  • Or biden out, camala up hillary in, camala out hillary in muchelle in

  • Camala out, hillary in, biden out , hillary in, muchelle in as vp

  • The people who enabled this fraud should be exposed.

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