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Super Creepy Six Second Rittenhouse Trial Video Raises Surprise Question Online
Nov 22, 2021

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  • Oh shit one of the bailiffs is a t-1000.

  • MPEG compression artifact.

  • Let's check this out....

  • What is it do you think? A Demon?

  • What a Fock

  • Around 02:16 hrs in on day7 is my guess. Women in red comes in about this time. PBS camera does not seem to show this glitch in the matrix.

  • This is day 7 judging from bingers tie. Sun is shining in. Not sure what time yet though.

  • It's Beezlebub! lol

  • Link to Original? What day of the trial is this from?

  • Is this real? Is there a time stamp that I can go and find this at?

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