Dec 04, 2021

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  • God Bless Uncle Ted!

  • Ted Nugent talks about freedom a lot, but doesn't get on Gab. He goes on emotional rants that fail to persuade anyone, and is low on persuasive intellectual points. And he poses as a tough guy...

    Really... not too bright it would seem. Very disappointing Joe Rogan can't find a better advocate for the 2A.

  • Preach! Uncle Ted

  • Remember the good old days when Gov parasites used to go into the woods to find tax evaders who were also making unregulated moonshine? Those parasites were dealt with and no matter how noble their cause, e.g. taxation and regulation, they were chased out of the woods with bullets flying over their heads. At least sometimes. The real tipping point though is how far are we willing to go and when we should do it. The war we are in now is asymmetrical or what some call 4th Generation, but it is also based on attrition. As Clausewitz said and I paraphrase, "never demand too much of those you wish to subjugate, only demand tribute that is cheaper than war for now and expect them pay until they have no money left to fight you." Then you can take it all. Sound familiar?

  • Just what we need MOAR EPIC RANTS.

    Meanwhile back in the real world your local District Attorney will prosecute you for defending yourself because he was bought and paid for by outsiders because you spent all your time online watching EPIC RANTS instead of electing a better D.A.

  • Continued abuse of American citizens will result in a deadly response against the ATF and FBI.

  • Ten times bigger balls than Joe....

  • I think 88million Real American Citizens feel likewise. Thank You

  • Hell Yeah!!! Go Uncle Ted!!!!

  • I see the Spirit of the Wild coming forth in Ted. I'm ready to rock n roll with Ted Nugent's Weekend Warriors double barrel guitar.

  • Ted I wish you would come back to Michigan we need you here this dam gretch needs to go too! (from hanover)

  • Joe Rogan is a tiny sodomite. Really, good people of GAB, he is only 3.3 inches tall and likes to get pumped by Alex Jones behind a dumpster.

  • Uncle Ted always tells it like it is.

  • The ranking members aren't blood of your blood. That's the problem. If blood of your blood speaks up or challenges them they disappear that person to some capacity. The Eurocentric world cannot continue a relationship with Jacob for blood of your blood is not within them. They are untrustworthy with regards to your future and the future of your kin.

  • I only watched this because of the headline. I'm used to Teds rants OK with me , Joe stunned ok. It was one of the cleanest rant I've heard from Ted , It was the most amazing responses from Joe . His look and his response WOW ! Nice job guys.

  • my God... tell it like it is Ted!... i want you in my foxhole when the zombies come...

  • The alphabet departments have been infiltrated by the Left for far to long, decades, where they have hired and promoted from within like minded people making them corrupt from top to the bottom.

    They are like termite infested houses where the wood rot is so bad and penetrated so deep they can't be saved, they have to be leveled to their foundations and rebuilt.

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