Oct 10, 2021

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  • Serve Offical Notice of Nuremberg Code violation on EVERYONE you see who promotes these vaccines.

  • "WE ARE IN A LOCK DOWN" Brainwashing at the child level. INTIMIDATION: Blaming this UNMASKED PERSON for the lockdown makes the rest of the school GANG UP ON HER. This is teaching hate. "SUSPENSION" Great! Stay Home and self educate (Start with KHANACADEMY.COM) ALSO: You missed a GREAT opportunity to SERVE NUREMBERG CODE VIOLATION NOTICE on the Principle who served you with an official suspension notice.

    erve Offical Notice of Nuremberg Code violation on EVERYONE you see who promotes these vaccines.

  • Uneducated FOOLS, leave children alone!

  • Locked down the school to try to get her peers to shame and intimidate her….and the Gestapo agents have no soul and are the same type of people that would commit murder in the guise of “following orders”….

  • Hey officer! Quit trying to joke about something that should never have been an issue. Like she has a bazooka on her. What an idiot! He should lose his job for being such a compliant cuck!

  • I just hope they are smart enough to use the statute of violation of taking away a person's civil rights under color of law. They should charge and counter sue the school director and anyone else who carried out these unlawful edicts, forcing medical procedures of a mask mandate without proof of what they claim, and without a license to practice Medicine. Word it in such a way that they have to prove that it is not harmful to her and the rest of the students. You can do this.

  • we have gone full communist with this sort of bs... just wait we'll be like Australia soon. Eventually all working for the "state", which will be the only choice [of employment] and we'll be paid with cigarettes and cheep gin rations. oh, and as they have [our current government officials AOC, Berny, biden...etc.] said "'ll be glad to not own anything..." [or have any freedom].

  • The lawyer said thank you! Uh, total head scratcher moment.

  • Back that blue

  • So all you "back the blue" people , how is your respect for this blue thug? they seem to have no problem being the thugs/muscle for corruption and corrupt politicians.

  • These people have had too much power for too long, now they're all corrupt beyond reconciliation. It's time. Let's remind them who's boss... and kick 'em up.

  • 18 U.S.C. §241 and §242 NEED TO BE INVOKED NOW!!! They are committing CAPITAL OFFENSES!

  • I really hope that the officer and all at were involved in this get testicle cancer and get tea bags to your f**** face for being nothing but communist scumbags and America don't want your mother f****** asses. So where is the sheriff in this state to arrest these 2 big bullies AKA tyrants acting like kings. I stand with this young girl and her father and all who want to go to school and learn new things without trying to breathe was a useless face mask I can't even stop the wind. It's all bulshit indoctrination and I bet they're teaching crdt and other disgusting I'm sure there's some perverted pornographic pedophile books lying around somewhere in that school that they've been teaching these kids for quite some time. The reason why I say that because another school did this for about five six years teaching young kids things that they should not be learning at this time but this school and all who signed off on all these books to be used should be charged with pedophilia and distributing pornographic material to these young kids. Everybody remember all of their names every last one of them from west to east and north and south who perpetrated enjoying this satanic cult to control our kids and to bring washing them and grooming them for very disturbing messed up s* I've ever heard in my life.

  • Tyrannical police need to be put in check.

  • You don't have constitutional rights! that's your problem. You have RIGHTS that are enumerated IN the constitution. There is a difference. You need to learn the difference. The constitution didn't GIVE you your RIGHTs, Those were given by our CREATOR GOD not our government or the founding fathers... The constitution only informs the Government that OUR RIGHT shall not be infringed or abused. If you argue you have constitutional rights, then you are saying that the government gave you those rights and then they can argue that they can take them away.....

  • defound the police

  • That school and that officer are mentally unstable. They need to be removed from the district as ignorant assses.

  • A childish thing to do.. Probably staged/planned to disrupt just to make a point. America is full of A holes, young and old.

  • Wtf really he needs to be fired

  • BRAVE woman!

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