Nov 21, 2021

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  • I love it it. This is a smart young man

  • he doesn't He looks good and speaks well but if you believe that is knowledge you are not very intelligent.

  • instead of "Ignore it" , you better be prepared to "FIGHT IT" , because these governmental traitor assholes are INTENTIONALLY trying to ruin the economy and COLLAPSE The COUNTRY .. YOu better care

  • ditto !

  • Anybody know this guy he was so cool Anybody have this guy Instergram ?????

  • datboivictor_official on Tik Tok - This Young Gentleman Is No Fool These are crimes under the U.S., and the constitutions of major powers and nations. These are crimes under the International Human Right Agreement, signed into law by the worlds nations including the U.S., and administered under the Geneva Human Rights Convention Code. IRUUR1 shared this video in an article on our site. Thanks for posting Red Voice.

  • OMG I love him!!! Now that's what I call the American Spirit!!!!! oh ya babay!

  • This you man may be feeling and exemplifying the return of the pulse of the people.

  • True stuff. Akthough i think supreme court said state imposed mandates are legal according to dershowits. But who cares. Undermine the assholes w by using crypto

  • THIS is an AMERICAN.

  • ... and shove them up your ass!

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