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Tennessee Teen HOSPITALIZED With Horrifying Reaction To COVID Vaccine
Nov 10, 2021

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  • Nothing is safe about this VAx., millions have died from the V and they are erasing the data from VAERS. BS.

  • No one has yet proven that the immune system can get confused. He is lying!! Something else is going on.

  • Definitely NOT rare!!!!!

  • It's not rare. It's a coverup.

  • Sounds safe who hates her?? 50-60% of teh time the vaccine works?? or she could have medcine that wont kill you. Its a condition taht screwed her up toss taht dambed covid vaccine BS!

  • exceptions to tne covid vaccine. Democrats had fauci make this. They need to be held accountable.

  • Right, covid is more likely to give you. Just like the moon is more likely to hit your head this afternoon.

  • It is NOT rare. 17,000+ dead and hundreds of thousands around the world with adverse reations. Still lying at the CDC.

  • This is so sad to hear but to her surprise is this is the start of a down hill slide. I can't believe she believes them quacks in the hospital but all she has at this point is empty hope .

  • What is "remarkably safe" As compared to what? Other vaccines in history? NOT.

  • Stupid people believing stupid people.

  • Rare??? They lie so much!!

  • It's being presented as if she's a hero 😳 oh dear, she doesn't fully comprehend what has happened to her.

  • NO ONE should be taking this vax. EVER.

  • No, it's not rare! Stop saying that you freaking liars!

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