Nov 08, 2021

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  • That inbred hillbilly needs to STFU and stay in his lane.

  • You are wearing the correct colors you White Traitor, Negro Felon League cuckolded cowardly faggot.

    The Dim Bradshaw has always been a Company Butt Boy for the vastly corrupt NFL cartel.

  • Sorry Terry, YOU are wrong...

  • Bradshaw is the ass that needs to learn honesty. I am sure he was paid well for his statements.

  • It's not a vaccine it's a synthetic virus. Kneecap Terry Bradshaw.


  • You are way wrong buddy. Go and do some research! Don't be a dinkleturd and spread wrong information!

  • so scumbag terry it's your claim that ivermectin won a NPP for being a horse dewormer? you're a fucking clown. also, Aaron Rodgers never claimed he got the jab, nor did he claim he didn't. if he did, can someone please prove he did. and isn't the NFL suppose to be checking on that fact? did Aaron have a fake vax voucher made up? did the NFL just take his word that he received the jab? you fucking piece of shit lowlife fucking scumbag. terry going for the brownie points from the naval cadets. lmmfao they're fucking human you fucking scumbag, of course they lie.

  • Another reason the NFL sucks. Even the old heroes are bought out by big pharm. YOU are the lying piece of shit, Terry. Fuck off

  • Bradshaw is a putts and I totally support Rogers and anyone else the defies these mandates "by any means necessary"...

  • For GOD'S SAKE, Terry. Shut your big mouth and go throw a football with some homeless kid... you over-paid nitwit.

  • You showed how stupid and corrupt and fake you are when you said ivermectin is horse dewormer. Now we know who you are.

  • Shut the fuck up Bradshaw. This gov. has created the atmosphere for people to bs their way through bs shit. I don't blame him one bit. You fuckers are vaxxed, what are you worried about? Because the garbage doesn't work and it has killed someone I know, screwed up others so shove the vax up your.......

  • When gettin paid by your overlords is more important than people's health or freedom then you are nobody's friend.

  • I just canceled his series from my DVR, he should review the studies on ivermectin before the talks crap...

  • Looks like he's either a liar or an idiot... but being both certainly covers that point.

  • Somebody Gots something on ol Terry 🧐 Terry is trapped in a honeypot Trap and now he's speaking for the New World Order Clowns 😤 Frinkin sellout.

  • More proof that Jabs are creating Morons every his case, an extraordinary Moron!

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