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The Story Of Ivermectin And COVID-19 They Don't Want You To See
Oct 17, 2021

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  • Pity the video is such low resolution which makes reading some of the documents in the video quite difficult. There are many that have been silenced when providing evidence of other treatments. Bret Weinstein and his discussions about this subject have been suppressed by YouTube

  • YES, it is a felony! But with all the corruption nobody can prosecute it or even stop the ivermectin suppression.

  • Any chance of getting a better quality video? This one is pretty poor quality. Thank you for posting, regardless and well worth watching., It ought to be viewed by everyone.

  • Thank you GAB TV for allowing us to do what youtube, facebook, twitter, and many others refuse and fail to do... let the facts/truth be heard. And for allowing all points of view.

  • Also research chlorine dioxide and quercetin . Both are effective prophylactic against the man made virus .

  • Medical providers in commie areas won't even consider ivermectin to treat scabies because they have been brainwashed to thinking it is very dangerous.... prime example of educated idiots.

  • Anyone tied to Any of this should be tried for treason and be executed!

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