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They're Coming After All Of Us, Unite & Stand Up & Start Building - Andrew Torba, GAB CEO
Oct 15, 2021

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  • We needa united humanity, but under God, not the Globalist Satanic Agenda. It has always been the only way to defeat them; Hence why they have spent billions over decades to divide us with their 'News' stories and puppet politicians. A word of warning: Avoid applying for religeous exemptions - youo know how they love to make databases of their enemies, maybe so that they can round us up for the 'final proposition'. You do not need them. Do not make life easy for the tyrants. Simply stand firm, for both your yourself and your neighbours. Finally, before it is too late....Let Us All Unite

  • Our Lady of Good Success of the Purification please pray for Us All to Stay the Course and Defend Holy Mother Church and Our Country 🙏💪 Viva Cristo Rey 🙏

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