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Transportation Workers Display Message to Washington Governor Inslee on Traffic Signs
Oct 15, 2021

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Channel One

  • 07:20
    Romans 13 - An interpretation you haven't heard before
    1.37k views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 05:08
    How Is India Successfully Using Ivermectin to Affordably and Effectively Treat COVID-19?
    1.46k views ▪ a year ago
  • 1:48:23
    COVIDLAND: The Lockdown (Full Movie)
    20.74k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:60
    Marine: On Jab Mandate: I'll Happily Die Before I Have This Injected Into My Body
    15.31k views ▪ a year ago
  • 01:20
    INSANITY: Tyrants Call It 'Freedom Day' As They List Tyrannical Medical Mandates Of Things You Can't Do
    6.32k views ▪ a year ago
  • 14:47
    Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required
    596.12k views ▪ a year ago
  • 18:37
    RECEIPTS! Patent PROVES Vaxx is Obedience Training Platform - THE FINAL VARIANT!
    233.63k views ▪ a year ago
  • 07:16
    Fauci, HHS officials discuss using new virus from China to enforce universal vaccines in footage
    20.20k views ▪ a year ago
  • 48:19
    The Plandemic Documentary | Where Did COVID-19 Come From? Who Is Dr. Fauci?
    357 views ▪ a year ago
  • 1:15:30
    Plandemic 2: Indoctornation
    399 views ▪ a year ago
  • 15:54
    Respiratory Therapist Blows Whistle: "I'm Watching People DIE"
    42.41k views ▪ a year ago
  • 04:30
    Christians need to repent. (Step 1 of Christian Resistance)
    552 views ▪ a year ago
  • 01:12
    NBA Star Gets Blood Clots, Says From Jab, Ends His Season, Possibly His Career
    73.64k views ▪ a year ago
  • 14:31
    I Tried To Warn You
    9.58k views ▪ a year ago
  • 08:32
    Why Are Vaccinated People Getting Cancer After The Jab?
    41.86k views ▪ a year ago
  • 12:22
    First-Hand Account: Vaxx Deaths Alarming to Military Barber
    31.41k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:35
    REPORT: More Deaths From Jab Than From COVID In Taiwan?
    15.55k views ▪ a year ago
  • 17:20
    "This is a War" - Jimmy Levy Tops Charts With Anti-Tyranny Message
    14.83k views ▪ a year ago
  • 03:21
    "This Is A War" by Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy
    711 views ▪ a year ago
  • 21:56
    BOMBSHELL Deaths Skyrocketed by 300% After COVID Vaccine - Funeral Director Blows The Whistle
    146.48k views ▪ a year ago
  • 33:04
    BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Whistleblower Blows The Lid On The Entire EXPERIMENT
    50.27k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:48
    ICU Nurse Refuses Vaccine, Gets Escorted Out of Her Job at UCLA, Vows To Continue Fight
    13.61k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:59
    Project Veritas: Covid 19 Vaccine
    267 views ▪ a year ago
  • 03:25
    Pfizer admitting the vaccine not approved.
    2.51k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:39
    Fired Over Vax Mandate Healthcare Workers Being Replaced By Unvaccinated FEMA Workers?
    20.61k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:17
    MSM's Grip Is Breaking As New York Times Surrounded By Protesters Chanting "Defund The Media"
    6.49k views ▪ a year ago
  • 02:16
    Large protest in Rapperswil, Switzerland against the vaccine pass.
    1.09k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:11
    Transportation Workers Display Message to Washington Governor Inslee on Traffic Signs
    4.00k views ▪ a year ago
  • 13:40
    DO NOT COMPLY With The Vaccine Mandates
    2.32k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:20
    Reporter TRASHES ESPN & Disney In Emotional Vaccine Mandate Resignation Video
    43.75k views ▪ a year ago
  • 18:06
    SHOCKING: Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents
    147.34k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:38
    Amish Covid | Full Measure
    4.23k views ▪ a year ago
  • 02:09
    Breaking: NIH Admits Fauci Lied About Funding Gain-of-Function Experiments
    1.53k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:22
    Creation, or evolution. Is there a 3rd option? (Creation Basics, Episode 84)
    760 views ▪ a year ago
  • 06:21
    Candace Owens Calls To Invade Australia, Or Did She
    8.35k views ▪ a year ago
  • 01:51
    BOMBSHELL: UK Government Data: 70% Of COVID Deaths Are DOUBLE-VACCINATED!
    65.86k views ▪ a year ago
  • 00:30
    Comcast Pulls Ad On Pfizer's Dangerous Vaccine, Message To Joe Biden
    32.03k views ▪ a year ago
  • 31:31
    SPIKED! Do Vaccines Elicit Toxic, Dangerous Spike Proteins? Compilation Of Experts Speaking Out
    45.52k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:20
    How are arguments against the Bible self-defeating? (CT Scan, Episode 83)
    709 views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:31
    Ted Cruz OBLITERATES AG Garland Over The School Board Memo Alluding To Parents Being Domestic Terrorists
    6.66k views ▪ a year ago
  • 12:19
    Sheriff Mack Calls Out Cops: "They Are Nuremberg Officers"
    9.95k views ▪ a year ago
  • 03:04
    Good news - A county has resisted the Federal beast
    592 views ▪ 2 years ago
  • 02:19
    Pandemic Created By 97% False Positive PCR Tests?
    17.66k views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:45
    Whistleblower: Google Ushering in "Tecno-Communism", Totalitarian Control
    6.74k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:13
    "LETS GO BRANDON" Goes Viral, Gets Banned, Rapper Bryson Gray Explains Why
    7.33k views ▪ a year ago
  • 11:13
    VAERS Reveals DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Specific States Get Certain Vials
    278.97k views ▪ a year ago
  • 35:57
    MUST WATCH Episode 3-Interview with Former West Point Cadet Hannah MacDonald
    1.53k views ▪ a year ago
  • 05:58
    Are We Doomed?
    1.74k views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:26
    West Point Cadet Speaks Out: BANNED From Military, Stands for Freedom
    15.48k views ▪ a year ago
  • 02:19
    Pfizer Vax WARNING: Commercial Airline Pilot Develops Brain Swelling and Can No Longer Fly
    20.45k views ▪ a year ago
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