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Trudeau In Full Panic Mode, Threatens & Begs Truckers To Go Home, All In Under 45 Seconds
Feb 11, 2022

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Prime Minister Trudeau warns protesters: "If you've joined the protest because you're tired of COVID, you now need to understand you are breaking laws," and that "the consequences are becoming more and more severe."

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  • He is done. He was given bad intel by the elites and invoked the emergencies act that so many other governments are condemning him for. His days are numbered. He is scared and his actions show it. God bless the truckers and protesters.

  • Telling people this guy is Stupid & Scared is the WORST thing you can say.

    He is about 2 more Moves from becoming Canada's Communist Dictator....and people keep thinking he's scared of you.

    Hie has FOOLED you all.

  • only one thing to say, "Fuuuuuck you!"

  • son of the Castro BITCH

  • What a douchebag. Criminal record is what he should get for failure to serve people.

  • Hi my fellow truckers, KEEP PUSHING! KEEP PUSHING! They can't arrest us all!

  • It's just obvious he wants to punish anyone who protests the way he thinks ..or is paid to think.....You can't punish people for protesting ... PERIOD... HE THREATENS THEM...

  • We'll go home when you have resigned, you treacherous, deep-state tool! TRUCK TRUUUDOUGH!

  • Every time I see him speaking it’s as if he’s talking to 1st graders. What an arrogant condescending buffoon!

  • The honking will continue until FREEDOM improves. (The Ferryman's quote)

  • Never forget that when this coward ran he told us that he had to because he had come in contact with Covid.

  • Spoken like a REAL Globalist PIECE OF SHIT, fuck this guy and his bullshit words! This is what tyrants do to MILLIONS before they let the police incarcerate them. Fuck this guy to hell!

  • Trudy needs a haircut.

  • "It's time to go home now" Says Brave Brave Sir Robin, who got the hell out of Ottawa the moment a trucker rolled in. They're not protesting Covid, jackass, they're protesting your totalitarianism which you try to rationalize as necessary measures against Covid.

  • The very reason for the truckers being there is the "measures taken to "end" Covid...mandates...he sounds like a magpie, repeating whatever his puppetmasters tell him to say. DAVOS must be SO proud of their boy.

  • Trudeau is not the leader controlling Canada. Schwab is and he is so arrogant he doesn't hide it anymore.

  • Fuck you drama clown

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