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TRUMP: If You've Had COVID, You Don't Need The China Virus Vaccine
Oct 13, 2021

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  • then why did he get the dumb shot after he had the virus?

  • Trump totally lost my support over his highly inconsistent positions he has flip-flopped over when it comes to the depop shot. This single issue has been the most revealing insight into the real Trump. He knows better than to spruik the vaxx, but he's taken on his new sales rep job for the medical cartel with tremendous pride and unbridled enthusiasm if only he could find it in himself to do the same for the cause of liberty and freedom. He is complicit in genocide, pure and simple, so he must ultimately face justice for his crime.

  • Actually, YOU DON"T NEED THE SHOT PERIOD, but a coward, con, deceiver would never admit they were wrong especially never bite the hand that feeds them. How many billions did you shill out to big pharma in operation warp speed? "15 days to slow the spread" or "bend the curve" we were told, until..... April Fools! Best/Worse April fools prank pulled off in Human History. O you want to see the churches packed for Easter Service.... Actually scrap that never mind, just stay home & watch the service online streamed by Google or Facebook. Kind of like "If I were president you'd be in prison....." "Actually they are good people, and I don't want to hurt them." No pardon for Assange, but crooked business men and Israeli spies all good! HAHAHA glad to see more and more are able to shake the spell and call this con out for what he truly is. The Art of the Hegelian Dialectic. How much did the Rothschilds buy you out for in the 80's/90's? What about Soros investing in your Trump Tower? Nothing to see here. Just a regular guy, doing regular things... not a member of any elite secret society, take Newt Gingrich's word. Don't put your trust in man period. America was a good idea, but that idea is long gone. Trust GOD, LOVE GOD, LOVE YOUR FAMILY, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, and HATE EVIL.

  • Ok then why did trump get the vaxxine?? He had covid before getting the vaccine. Even if I didn’t get covid I wouldn’t get it.

  • Dr. Malone (inventor) said if you have a healthy immune system and are 35 or younger, you do not need the vax!

  • If so, why did you tell everyone to get the jab? And why did you take a jab, after you had it?

  • "You don't HAVE to take the vax IF you had covid." Then he continues to play doctor, lie about the vax being "safe & effective", laugh at those who know otherwise. He's got death on his hands. Everyone who trusts him, takes the shot & dies, strokes, myocarditis, pericarditis, etc, he bears responsibility. The more folks he chumps into the injection, the easier it is to lock down the vax tyranny he coyly claims to oppose. As usual, he tries to have it not just both ways, but every which way.

  • It was reported on BitChute last year that he got the Reservetol stem cell booster....That is NOT one of the general vaccines going around. ..That just boosts the immune system.

  • yea I agree but 'Don't take it at all" what he might have added.

  • LIES, LIES, LIES… & more LIES…!!! ‘CORONAVIRUS’... IS THE BIGGEST LIE IN HISTORY..!!! ‘VIRUSES’ & GERMS’... DON’T EVEN EXSIST… & CONTAGION is a MYTH…!!! . . 👆🏼Our bodies & our immune systems are fearfully & wonderfully made… . When the cells in our bodies become toxic; poisoned by heavy metals contained in the air, food, water... & from the radiation given off from Electricity, Radio & TV, Radar & Sonar…. Mobile phones 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G… soon to be 6, 7, 8, 9, 10G & their associated cell towers; all of which create powerful electromagnetic radiation frequency fields… . Our immune systems creates a fever (Flu/Influenza) & produce a solvent/soap known as an ‘EXOSOME’ (nasal mucus/snot) to cleanse itself & excretes the dead & damaged RNA/DNA waste material through the cells membrane to be consumed by the naturally existing, good bacteria in our bodies...! . What isn’t consumed by the bacteria, is then gathered together in our glands and excreted as nasal mucus/snot, phlegm & catarrh… . An ‘EXOSOME’ (phlegm/catarrh) is dead waste RNA/DNA material. It has no respiratory, circulatory, nervous or reproductive system's & therefore cannot reproduce… and therefore by definition it is not alive, it is DEAD… & therefore is NOT CONTAGIOUS..!*👇🏼 . . *An excellent education on viruses, bacteria, colds & flu's & how we are lied to from birth to keep the allopathic ‘health’ system alive.*👇🏼 . . *The ‘Rockerfeller Foundation’ aka [Standard Oil] circa 1900’s began to dominate the pharmaceutical industry! They propagated the myth of ‘VIRUSES & GERM THEORY’ (made up terminology) & used it as propaganda to instil fear into the populous of the world, to sell their petrochemical based, pharmaceuticals. e.g. disinfectants, drugs, vaccines etc. “Follow the money”..! 💰 💷💰💵 💰 💶💰💴 . ‘How ‘BIG OIL’ aka the ‘Pharmaceutical Industry’ aka ‘Big Pharma’… conquered the world👇🏼 . . All throughout mans history & to the current day... THE PRIME cause of ‘INFLUENZA’... & it’s associated symptoms... has always been the SUN’S ☀️ ‘CORONA’ MASS EJECTIONS / SUN FLARES... (note the term ‘Corona’...) Can anyone say; ‘CORONAVIRUS‘..? HELLO..!!! 👋🏼😳

    During periods of intense annual cyclical solar activity, the ‘Corona Mass Ejections’… of the sun produce powerful Electromagnetic Radio Frequency, fields... in the Earths 🌍 Atmosphere... which affects ALL LIFE on earth at a cellular level… Man,🧍🏽Animals, 🦌 Plants 🌱 Trees, 🌳 Birds, 🦢 Insects, 🐝 even... Fish. 🐠 . Electromagnetic Radio Frequencies... cause two types of... ’INFLUENZA’ symptoms… Respiratory & Neurological. . The ‘RESPIRATORY’ symptoms... consist of fever, nasal mucus, catarrh, phlegm, bronchial pneumonia, pleurisy, etc... . The ‘NEUROLOGICAL’... symptoms… aka ‘Neurasthenia’... cause irritability, anxiety, panic attacks,, depression, sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome... etc etc etc… all of which the pseudoscience of psychiatry, has labelled ‘mental illnesses’... . ALL of the ‘Flu’ pandemics over the last two century’s have coincided with & been COMPOUNDED by, the discovery of ‘Electricity’ - ‘Radio’ & ‘TV’ - ‘Radar & Sonar’... and their associated frequencies... & the quantum leap & implementation & distribution of all these technologies world wide..! . These technologies & the dangerous frequency levels at which they operate at; increased the mortality rate during the pandemics induced by the suns activity & are also responsible for the rapid increase in a whole host of additional, now mainstream medical related illnesses... which prior to the 1800’s we’re extremely rare & virtually unknown & unheard of..! Heart disease, lung disease, liver, kidney, cancer, diabetes etc... All of these dis-eases began to appear more frequently at the turn of the 19th century & ALL have risen exponentially in the last two centuries... & continue to plague mankind to this current day. COINCIDENCE…??? 😳NO..!!! . This ‘Scamdemic’ is the biggest ‘False Flag Psyop’s Propaganda Operation’ ever perpetrated on mankind, to instil fear into the population of the world, so ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ obey authority without question. While draconian. ‘Acts & Statutes’ which are NOT LAW are implemented & enforced to remove our liberties & freedoms! Can anyone say de-population ‘AGENDA 21’ & pre-World War II - Germany. . “FEAR is the oldest tool of power... while your distracted by fear of those around you (social distancing) your not looking up above you & seeing who the real criminals are”..! .

    • SHAME on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for BEING COMPLICIT with the treasonous puppet governments of the world, who’s allegiance is to the oligarch peadophile parasitic elites... committing ‘TREASON’... against... ‘WE THE PEOPLE’...! .
    • COVID-19’ = (Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019)… it’s NOT a medical term..! ‘CORONAVIRUS is a LIE’..! It’s a ‘Smoke Screen’ a ‘False Flag’ operation… a ‘Dog & Pony Show’… that has been set up to be the ‘Scapegoat’ for the ‘REAL KILLER’… the ‘REAL ELEPHANT’ in the ROOM… ‘5G’..!* .
    • The peadophile oligarch elites, like nothing else better, than to shove the real truth of it right under your nose, as to what is the real cause of ‘INFLUENZA’… which are ‘Coronal Mass Ejections’ of the SUN… hence the ‘Bogus False Flag’ term ‘CORONAVIRUS’… they think we’re to dumb to figure it out..! The dangerous higher millimetre microwave frequencies that ‘5G’ operates at, cause the exact same respiratory & neurological symptoms as ‘INFLUENZA’… however in addition also also inhibit our cells abilities to absorb oxygen & also de-structures the water molecules in our bodies..! Evidence of all these symptoms were seen in ‘Wuhan-China’…. ‘Northern Italy’… ‘Spain’… & on the ‘Cruise Ship’… that were ALL 5G enabled..! All the people who were affected by this new dangerous technology, also had previous underlying health issues & illnesses..!* .
    • When ‘5G’ is fully deployed & implemented worldwide, by the telecom corporatocracies, that are owned & run, by the peadophile oligarch elites… in their push & grab for worldwide totalitarian domination, power & control & the reduction of the world’s population by 90%..! It’ll be the BOGUS – ‘Coronavirus’… that’ll be blamed for all the deaths… (the perfect patsy just like ‘Oswald’ was in the JFK assassination)… & NOT THE REAL SILENT KILLER 5G..!* .
    • AGENDA 21… & POPULATION REDUCTION & CONTROL…!* . rosa koire exposes UN Agenda 21 2030 .
    • Ref: book ‘THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW’ 🌈 A History of Electricity & Life... by Arthur Firstenburgh* . . #sun #sunspots #corona #coronamassejections #electromagnetism #electromagneticfields #electromagneticradiation #electromagneticfrequencies #radio #television #radiofrequencies #mobilephonetechnology #radar #electricity #health #healthylifestyle #chronicillness #influenza #cells #dna #rna #invisiblerainbow #arthurfirstenberg
  • in the beginning we all didn't know much ... we've all learned a lot n know better now and that includes my President Trump ... Gates lied to him , said the shot was safe ... Now We ALL Know the Truth ... if ya had the flu , ya don't need the shot , period .... BigHug everyone ... love ya .... don't be mean , be kind . God Bless

  • Trump first got the virus and then got the vaccine. It is hypocritical to lie to his followers by telling them that if they got the virus, they don’t need the vaccination. Typical Trump behaviour

  • Sorry, EVEN IF SOMEONE HAS NOT HAD THE VIRUS--- no experimental shot! This more than anything else throws up RED flags against Trump. He is still promoting death and destruction just like Biden, Fauci, CDC, FDA, etc.

  • It is NOT a vaccine! People need to stop calling it a "Vaccine". The Fauci Ouchie Is tyrannical! Say NO to the JAB! The government is not to be trusted! Look up what they did the black homeless men in Tuskegee or giving the American Indians Small Pox laden blankets to "keep them warm" but was really TO KILL YOU! Don't fall for their BS

  • I refuse to take it on the grounds that I have been isolated from large gatherings. In addition, I am recovering from a bilateral hip replacement and COVID impeded my progress. I only go out when necessary. Stand Up!


  • Thank U Dr Trump glad we have that cleared up. Heard he got it after covid.


  • I agree which is why I don't believe Trump took the vaccine.

  • I'm confused. Trump got cov and dr Zelinko got him better quickly with the correct protocol A couple of weeks ago ztrump said take the vax its a good thing. He took Pfizer. He said he was sorry they PAUSED J AND J..WHATS TRUE? I DONT TRUST HIM SNY MORE

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