Trump Just Came Up With A New Name for "Fake News" & It's Sure To Have Liberal Heads Exploding
Nov 25, 2021

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  • Trump is fake and corrupt too. All Presidents since Johnson have been fake and corrupt. JFK the last President of the PEOPLE

  • They are Jew media in the first place, everything else is just what follows

  • Yes.

  • that is so rich... FOX NEWS IS GOP DEEP STATE RUN MEDIA SINCE BUSH... but yeah they are the SUPER HONEST NEWS.... rofl rofl... only a delusional inbreed thinks that... they sold the GOP SHEEP THAT THERE WERE WMD's IN IRAQ.... How did that go??? the WHOLE GOP SOLD US THAT LINE OF SHIT WITH FOX... but yeah, THE OTHER NEWS IS FAKE News... HOW DELUSIONAL ARE YOU PROPAGANDA SHILLS??

  • If Trump 'somehow' gets back in Office, will he promise now to rescind the Emergency Authorization Act?

    Greed has no compassion, pity, or remorse, just lust for worldly gain. "For all that is in the world - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life - is not of the Father but is of the world." 1John2:16

  • what a bunch of crap. the MEDIA is taking ORDERS. Vanguard and BlackRock OWN the legacy MEDIA and they own all Big Harma. this man lies and deflects. we invented the term FAKE NEWS and he stole it then DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. for 70 years we had a law against lying and propaganda and Trump DIDNT FIX IT. he let the media attack him, attack us and attack our families when all he had to do was sign an EO making this ILLEGAL.

  • Hahahaha. #Trump slays me. #MitchTheBitch

  • Trump coined the term 'fake news', and then they hijacked it and started using it to keep people away from alternative sources of information. And then the people got wise to it...

  • CNN= Communist nob network


  • Yes ,they constantly lie...

  • Good for POTUS45 Trump - "Stay-Tuned" GAB !!

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