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U.S. Navy Preparing To Discharge Sailors Who Won't Get COVID Vaccine
Oct 14, 2021

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  • China is testing nuclear capable hypersonic the Navy prepares to discharge unvaxxed Military....Tell me again....why is Congress exempt from the vax as they discharge our MILITARY? Marines, Air force, Army next...God protect us all..

  • So that's the deep states method of destroying the US military and leaving the country defenseless. First Afghanistan now a change of tactic, now it's done. The person who approved this becomes America's worst traitor in history.

  • Navy needs to wake up firing Salors is communist.

  • Foxtrot-Romeo-Tango

  • This is how they're going to purge conservatives from the military....

  • It Means, a New Army of Patriots is ON The MOVE...

  • I don't believe a DAMNED thing these people are saying. I am retired so they don't have me over a barrel (just yet) but I wish more people would question everything about this whole mess.

  • There are more refusals that the fake government will not show. Listen America it's time to take back our White House!! These illegal idiots playing president and vice president is over period. They absolutely cannot stop "We The People" from overtaking our government. This illegal idiot and his leash cant even come out to play and talk to 90 + million Americans! They won't make it past the basement door. We are NOT taking their concoction shots. Nine out ten people refuse it. How about you and your test tube son biden take the shots.

  • Yet they try and minimize by saying only a small percent are refusing. I have 4 kids in the Navy and so far I know 3 of them are refusing, 1 doesn't want it but loves the Navy...Every single shipmate that my children interact with regret getting the vaccine. One of my children is one of only 2 on their ship who have said no. More sailors have died from accidents and suicides in the Navy in the last 2 months than from the virus. They want to say 164 Naval members died but they are counting civilian contractors and dependents in that number. Only 14 sailors have died from COVID and 10 were prior to the vaccine rollout.

  • That was the intentions all along. Mandate it in the military, to weaken the military eveb more. Recruiters are seeing a 80% reduction in new recruits because the mandate. And with discharges coming this means our military and national defense will be weakend to the point that a red dawn will be inevitable...

  • Durn BRANDON

  • better that than pointless death

  • Hopefully the biological MAGAt terrorists will be DISHONORABLY discharged and lose all benefits. #luddites

  • it ain't going to matter the powerpuff mess. they being trained on to work on there knee. thats why there kicking out all straight military men and woman. with are military and pedo president china will no problem wiping are power puff knee polishers

  • How stupid they look with the useless Sheilds on lol

  • They'll line up to get 17 other vaccines, some still in the research phase. But now the DOD has crossed the line. They'll give up a $3,500 service connected compensation check every month for the rest of their lives and other VA benefits. At least they're owning the libs!

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