Nov 26, 2021

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  • How do they know it's Heavily mutated if they haven't even identified that COVID 19 strain yet? My sources tell me they don't have a virus to develop tests and vaccines for?

  • Oh my God a NEW variant to frighten the sheeple, the idiots will be begging for vaccines and boosters for the coming winter months. ROLMFAO.

  • There is no proof cases are rising.

  • wake up people top virology warned not to mass vaccinate but greed is at play and people are going to die the vaccine simple don't work period it's was all a lie so when does it stop when people have no immunity left OMG people wake up

  • This will never end its the vaccine everyone was warned so let the games begin the only one that will survive this is people with natural immunity

  • UK bans travel from Africa but keeps the flood gates open for all the invaders, when will people wake up to these globalist psychopaths who are literally enslaving them under this plandemic\scamdemic.

  • Sure, keep giving the bioweapon over and over and over, tweaking it here and there to overcome natural resistance, than stick that mfkr back into people to make it even more resilient. Then over and over again and again. God Damn Mother Fucking Son of a God Damn Bitches! Can't wait to kill these bastards off, but will the opportunity come? They will kill us off, and you compromising cock suckers will become an never ending, mutant shedding, spike-protein factory! You all deserve NO Freedom! As for me, don't come to my door Mother Fucker, I'll knock into Sunday as my last act of defiance!

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