Huh? Tucker Covers Vaccine Death Toll Glitch From 12,313 To 6,079, Leaked CNN Email Reveals They Don't Want You to Know About VAERS
Jul 23, 2021

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Tucker on VAERS: They don't want you to know about it and you're not allowed to read it. The VAERS database death toll strangely glitched from 12,313 back down to 6,079, and Tucker covers the CDC's explanation for the glitch. Charlie Kirk appears to reveal why he's not getting the vaxx.

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  • stats are wrong of course 338 million doses does not equal 338m people..

  • CNN is a 100% propaganda outlet and nothing more.

  • If we are kept from society then, I’m sorry, not one gov’t agency will get taxes out of us. Sorry welfare recips

  • why the f*ck does Tucker have Charlie Kork from Toilet Paper USA on his show? that freak is the poster child for false opposition.

  • Many noticed it .... if you listen to other than the MSM, many of us knew this the day it happened.

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