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Revolver Exclusive: Michael Flynn On Why They Tried To Destroy Him
Jul 27, 2021

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Flynn reveals that high ranking members of the Republican establishment were part of the plot to remove him from the Trump Administration.

Full Interview: Darren Beattie sits down with the great General Michael Flynn for a rollicking Revolver News exclusive interview. Darren and General Flynn talk the national security apparatus, reform of the Deep State, geopolitics and more. Conducted on July 9, 2021 in Lake Wales, Florida. Watch here:

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  • flynn is GWB and OBAMA DEEP STATE PEDO DEMON SHILL.... not a good guy.....

  • It's playing for me. Be patient. I wonder if Flynn might run for office. I'm tired of hearing "Trust the plan".

  • Yep, it won't load, remains 0:00:00 and will not play... BS

  • Doesn't play for me either

  • I give up, It does not start.

  • I can’t get it t run

  • Great interview!! FLIGHT LIKE A FLYNN!!!

  • Great interview. Is there more to that interview? Part 2 ?!

  • The truth will be known! The slimy, two-faced RINOS among those who will be exposed.

  • both are deep state demon pedo shills.... cia mockingbird revolver and deep state demon pedo swine flynn.... never blew the whistle on the pedo shit....... wonder why right??? lmao its obvious why, he got PROMOTED BY OBUMMER.......

  • I love you General Flynn & pray for the truth to come out & all the Dirty Politicians & Deep State is prosecuted for all their crimes! One of the few things I miss after being banned for no reason from Twitter is my 40,000 followers/friends & being followed by you & all of your lovely patriotic family. God bless you all.

  • Thanks for this. General Flynn interviews kept me going during the oppressive Obama regime. Michael Flynn is a good man, a humble man, shining with the reflected light of God. That’s why they had to get rid of hum. Light reveals form.

    They lose the long game. They know they lose the long game. They have no illusions about this. That’s why they are so embittered. What we are seeing are the fits and starts of the losing team trying to destroy as much as they can, and as many people as they can, before the umpire blows the whistle.

    As St. Lazarus said, they are clay stealing clay. They are ridiculous.

  • Great interview and great work, revolver!

  • Our federal, state, and local governments are completely out of control. They have turned in to dictators. We the people have to take our country back. We have to run for every office and get back to what our founding fathers intended.

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