Jul 27, 2021

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Darren Beattie sits down with the great General Michael Flynn for a rollicking Revolver News exclusive interview. Darren and General Flynn talk the national security apparatus, reform of the Deep State, geopolitics and more. Conducted on July 9, 2021 in Lake Wales, Florida.

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  • Any law which is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void. That's what I think about lousy orders.

  • Great video interview. I wish he would name neames. But my suspicion was that Pence was there to keep an eye on Trump and stab him in the back when it counted. Taking out Flynn on Pence word was a real boner move by Trump but brilliantly executed by the insurrectionists and coup plotters.

  • Can someone please advise General Flynn that judeo-Christian isn't a thing? At least no more so than muslimo-Christian.

  • The video constantly stops. Do you have a DVD of this interview for sale? It's a treasure!

  • Video is not playing!!!!

  • I cannot get the interview to play

  • Cannot get it to play

  • I can't get the video to play????????????????????????

  • Excellent expenditure of 50 minutes! Americans should be VERY worried about what is coming!

  • much much grateful for the great content and may god bless general flynn and the united states of america and all the free people in this world

  • This video keeps stopping. I cannot listen properly

  • Flynn for President (or at least VP to Trump).

  • Great question - great answers. This is well worth your time to view.

  • I have such respect for General Flynn. A man who truly loves our country. Darren Beattie, keep up your awesome work!

  • I agree that the one institution the US needs to maintain is the US military. It makes no sense whatsoever then to enforce the military to be fully vaxxed. You have to wonder if the idea is to bring the US military to its knees.

  • Most intelligent interview with Flynn to date....

  • After seeing how the democrats stole the white house from Trump we have no hope of voting anyone in any office unless we stop election fraud. Election fraud has to be the #1 issue

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