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Delete The Elite
Dec 21, 2020

Battle Armor for the Truth Movement - 100% EVIL FREE // Top Shelf Threads // Made in...


Produced by RISE Attire >> Battle Armor for the Truth Movement 100% EVIL FREE // Top Shelf Threads // Made in USA

The message is to reject the message No need for their hidden agendas realized by subversion or extremist vendettas that target the free Our weapons are truth that prove highly effective with an impact surpassed only by the span of our reach

The powers that hope to control us will feed on those lost in philosophies devoid of all meaning Don’t be enticed by the divisive self righteous who deal in deception suppression and greed

Flee from the nation of mindless who preach what’s been forced down their throat by their peers and their teachers. Run from the depraved guilty of treason who’s roads have been paved by the tricks up their sleeves.

When it’s real you can feel it, it’s appeals too your senses whether dull or intense most will tend to agree We won’t leave the blinded behind, we’ll shoulder wounded soldiers till it’s over then we’ll train them to see

The truth is the future, this beautiful movement make the gatekeepers useless and their lies obsolete With fury we’ll fight and by the glory of god, we’ll delete the elite and release all their secrets

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  • Following all new gabtv accounts cause obviously yr on the cutting edge!!!!

  • Subscribed! Great job! Aren't you the same company that made those badass lines on T's and hoodies for M3thods and RedPill78?

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