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A Euchre Bar Trail Hike May 22 2021
May 25, 2021


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This video isn't processing correctly on Gab but it's fine on Brighteon

No matter which version I submit here on Gab (a smaller super fuzzy file, with or without sound) the video halts at 2:48 in the video, the sound keeps going but the video is stalled. I tried this 4 times yesterday with different versions of this video at different resolutions. Always the same result, so if you want to see the beautiful scenery and the suspension bridge, go to the Brighteon link for now. Even after the big upgrade this weekend this problem is here, so I'll email the Gab team and let them know of this problem.

The Euchre Bar trail is in the Tahoe National Forest in Placer County, California, USA. I did this video for my friend Jenia (pronounced Jena or Gina) because she is stuck in a hospital bed with stage 4 bone cancer. When I chatted with her on the phone that morning, she said “Go do things while you can!” Tomorrow is not promised.

My blog with more about this hike:

And more about Jenia and her battle with breast cancer and now bone cancer:

I did the hike for Jenia and anyone interested in the hike, as well as to help people who are unable to make this sort of trek to have a glimpse of it, through the eyes of a 60 year old female with sciatic who knows how precious it is to be able to walk while she can.

More stats on this hike are on my strava profile:

A week prior I had done the same hike with many pictures at various points along the Euchre Bar Trail, on May 11 2021 The trail dates back to the California Gold Rush.

Euchre was a card game popular with the early miners. At the river, one can find remnants of buildings, ditches, and old mining equipment. A bridge, built in 1965, crosses the river. The main trail continues upriver 2.5 miles to Humbug Bar.

At Euchre Bar, there are many side trails and old ditches to explore. The beautiful emerald pools of the river, although cold, are irresistible on a hot day. There are several nice campsites, and the fishing is good. The more adventuresome will find as much as they can handle in this rugged wilderness by exploring the various side canyons or scrambling in the main river gorge.

The dirt road I was walking started as Casa Loma Road and at the hairpin turn where the Euchre bar trail sign was seen turns into Rawhide Mine Road.

Information on Rawhide mine: with an interactive map so you can see where it’s located near the Euchre bar trail.

If you kept going on the other side of the bridge:

Another article with beautiful pictures and descriptions:

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