How Newsom, Biden and others steal elections?
Oct 15, 2021

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There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to our elections, we see politicians who can’t walk down the street in their own district without people screaming at them in hate yet supposedly they get 80% of the vote? We see politicians who enter public service worth 100 thousand dollars become worth 35-100 million dollars. Who knew public service paid so well! What did they sell or who did they sellout to get that kind of pay? How can all these so called leaders be in bed with big tech, big vote, big media etc and not compromise their values or duty to us and the Constitution? Join us in this informative yet inquisitive video as we explore are so called leaders and so called elections we have come think of as selections. Share this everywhere. God Bless ya.

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  • would protesting the communists "peacefully" have worked in old Russia? old China? 1970s Cambodia?

  • Gab just does not play video well.

  • as a long time observer of american politics (25+ years) its all blackmail and corruption ... the entire american political system is corrupt to the very core and no matter what you claim and do, bar an actual revolution will change anything. you can blame the do nothing republicans for allowing these ccp controlled lunatics into power to get rid of trump which is why the senate and congress was "arranged" to be how it is.

    its almost like all your elections have been "rigged" for decades.

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