Operation Sunlight - Let's take it ALL back, peacefully
May 19, 2021

Christian, Father, Husband, business builder. Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain die hard....


Can't stomach what's happening to our great Republic? Don't recognize our great America anymore? Feel like your vote doesn't count? Your voice not heard? Are you ready to peacefully do something about it that REALLY counts and has a HUGE positive effect? Watch, then share the link with 10 of your friends and family ASAP then act.

God Bless ya.

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  • We had a criminally taken Government with the aid of other Governments such as Rome Italy and Communist Chinese and the always present Bilderberg Group and all the big corporations and they have placed their lackeys in the courts to block any pushback on their criminal enterprise and they won't give it up until the masses remove them and have the constitutional right to replace them all even if it means to physically remove them all and they are now all guilty of breaking their own laws like Genocide and without accountability, it will get worse and worse so smile at them all you want but they will only understand one thing and they all must be replaced

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