Biden FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn Announces New Domestic Terror Policies
Jan 12, 2022

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Assistant Director Jill Sanborn released a joint statement announcing the new creation of Domestic DVE unit in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

🔹 FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn discusses the FBI’s position on domestic violent extremism.

🔹 Senators ask questions for Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen and FBI Assistant Director Jill Sanborn.





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  • BLM, ANTIFA, BLACK PAnthers, LOuis Farrakans "Islam nation", NAACP, Southern poverty law center, "ALL" of those organizations "hate" the white man period, that's where they are getting their information from. They have forgotten, it was the "white man" that established this nation with the help of "Almighty God", and it was the "white m,an" who fought in the 1794-1796 war, war of 1812-14 when we ran the British into the gulf of mexico, the Mexican/american war that expanded this nation westward 1846-1849. IT is the "White man" signatures on the "Declaration of Independence" and "Bill of Rights", etc. The "white man" needs to be appreciated "not bashed", and the FBI can't refer to those people who exercise their right to protest, and march (even to the white house), as domestic terrorists, period. The FBI should arrest those BLM, ANTIFA, and other black organizations who destroyed property during the riots of 2019 and 2020, 2021, period.

  • Doesn't the government derive their powers from the consent of the governed? Which means they can not institute powers beyond the constitutional rights given to each branch of the government. The FBI is neither a branch nor a constitutional agency of the government.

  • Anti-Government Extremism? "The question is, who is defining these terms? And if the terms are messy or poorly defined they can be whatever you want them to be."

  • The FBI is grateful for Anitifa and BLM who will turn any right wing peaceful protest into a violent event where the DOJ can come in arrest the right wing.

  • It started with "fanatical right wing Christians". Militias. Neo-Nazis. We always had the SPLC claiming that they had to do a hate watch on people who wanted a race war. Meanwhile, the government has been conducting a race war against the whites the whole time. But it was the Jews behind it all. They are still fighting WWII. Jews vs. Nazis.

  • This b***ch is a flucking liar.

  • I definitely need to leave this country before this goes any further. I already spoke out against the election theft, and covid plandemic. I also delivered letters to health officials, state governor, and sheriff. FBI has already been to my house 3 times before this and I was under the FISCA surveillance with some Joint Terrorist Task Force case against me. Now they are expanding the rules to make it even easier for them to brand us. I am not a terrorist, but holy sht I need to get out of this country asap. Moving is difficult task, costs money, and is hard to find citizenship elsewhere especially with language barrier. These a-holes are really going to throw us all in jail just because we are calling out their blatant election theft, and genocide plandemic. And I'm white so I'm some kind of supremacist to them...

  • Instead of calling all the BLM rioters, Antifa rioters and MAGA rioters, terrorists, can't we just help all those groups resolve their issues? 1) BLM wants reparations and they got stuck in inner-cities that grew around them so they probably want help inheriting land. 2) Antifa wants large socialist commune, and they can have parent company issues equal stock to all members and have subsidiary companies span all sections of the economy that they all work for. They will all make the same wage, report profits to the parent company, and split everything equally. 3) MAGA just wants the election theft exposed and the election decertified since they won. Their real President will handle the immigration issue more fairly and humanely, and they will probably turn back on the pipelines while the economy more gradually transitions to other energy sources.

  • At minute 11:30, why is racially motivated terrorism only for people advocating for the white race? We literally have black power and blm groups burning down whole cities lololololol. Literally burning down whole apartment complexes with people sleeping inside. And look at all the elderly Asian people getting attacked by blacks. They had to stop a whole "Stop Asian Hate" campaign and it's all black attackers. Blacks have the most aggressive attacks, and they are advocating for the black race, not the white race.

    They literally leave out the main threat and this is why our FBI is a complete joke. Black people shouldn't be labeled terrorists either, some cross the line to criminals when they attack, but it's still not terrorism type activity. FBI should be shut down and the people working for them should get real jobs. Go join the carpenter's union or electrical union and build something for society instead of gang-stalking its citizens. Citizens all have the 2nd amendment and a local police department, they can handle the terrorism defense. We all have the internet and phones too, so if longer terrorist hostage situation unfolds we can call the National Guard. FBI is obsolete, useless, incompetent, misdirected, and abusive. FBI should be permanently shut down.

  • If you are a conservative? You are now considered an enemy of the state by the fed!

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