Feb 15, 2022


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act to take control of Canada. We review, including:

🔹 RCMP destroys hundreds of thousands of dollars of construction equipment.

🔹 Meanwhile, Ontario decides to withdraw some mandates throughout the province.

🔹 Your questions and comments!


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  • Long guns are totally legal in Canada to have in your vehicle if you have a firearms license. So seizing long guns that are legally owned is unlawful and criminal on the part of the RCMP which does not surprise me on this. It seems that many cops are just like the Natzis following orders.

  • So it seems the RCMP are the real terrorist…

  • deep state propaganda shill spreading fake news GOP PROPAGANDA... they didnt cut the wires you morons... rebel news and this inbred ESQUIRE is just a CLICKBAIT INBRED LOSER PROPAGANDA PARROT SHILL... epic inbred swine for life follow this lying dog shit parrot... he is a demon pedo and is a LOW IQ PRETEND SMART TROLL... he paid his way through school....

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  • Hangem high!

  • They assigned me to the Domestic Terrorist team back in 2015 even before January 6th. It really isn't that bad being a domestic terrorist. You don't actually have to do anything and there are no requirements to go Allah on people or self-destruct. They just harass you at work and I eventually just declared bankruptcy. And they take away your rights without trial because they have secret courts for us. But other than that, you just get to sit back and watch the country implode. It can actually be fun. You can't always change your environment or things around you, but you can change your personality, perspective, and how you view the situation. Just learn to enjoy being a domestic terrorist.

    Also, last time the US fought "terrorist" they spent 20 years losing before they finally surrendered and gave the terrorists 80 billion in military equipment. So, all the domestic "terrorists" from January 6th and others will probably just have to endure police state for a while until they finally surrender and turn over the remaining military equipment and money to us.

  • Might not be that big of a deal labelling all truckers terrorists and arresting them. Majority in US labeled BLM thugs and criminals and ignored their protests. There were even some truckers that drove through BLM protesters who set up blockade on the streets. Majority agreed BLM shouldn't be allowed to blockade streets and that truckers should drive through them. So now Trudeau BLM kneeler is removing the new blockade.

    Also, some BLM protesters were sentenced to 10 years in prison just for vandalism destroying statues they think cast shadow of oppression over them. We should just arrest all truckers and sentence them to life in prison for terrorism with the January 6th people. Then the country will collapse, even if they bring in self-driving trucks, and it will crush the economy that the illegal police state leaches off of. As American economies collapse, Asian economies will continue to grow, and eventually they will be strong enough to discard our criminal pedophile NSA DHS FBI CIA etc.

    We all love the truckers and they are essential part of our society that we all depend on, but the sooner we get rid of them the sooner we can get rid of the criminal deepstate. Truckers should all quit and shut down the economy. If not, arrest them for blockades so they are forced to quit.

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