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I will never consent to nasal swabs or colonoscopies
Aug 08, 2021

Roosh V

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  • I agree with you but know that I had a few relatives who survived the Spanish Flu that never got a single vaxx live into their 100's. They drank liquor in moderation.

  • He's come a long way from Hertzl Kharkiv to Gab and still nowhere to be found on the Jew crime epidemic. WTF cares? His old buddy is "Bald and Bankrupt" another Jew Zio clown.

  • None of my ancestors needed a light shoved up their butt, nor a swab shoved up their nose. They did just fine.

  • It is nasal rape.

  • Are you married yet? I hope so!

  • in the UK when men reach 40 we're asked to go for a medical. one of the procedures is the finger up the anus to feel the prostate. i missed that medical. i refuse to have anything inserted in my anus. i'm now 48, 49 in a couple of weeks, and i'm ready to meet my maker. but i want to die pure, not as a GMO or a discarded sex toy of the self proclaimed elite.

  • Gotta respectfully disagree about the colonoscopy. My beautiful 45-year-old cousin just died of colon cancer; leaving behind a husband and two kids. It's SO preventable... one of the most preventable cancers that there is. Also, you do the colonoscopy under anesthesia.

  • I refuse the colonoscopy because there's a chance they pierce your membranes, resulting in bleeding, etc.. which does happen. If I ever get bleeding in that area, then I'll have a problem but a colonoscopy will not be the test I'll agree to. No swabs either.

  • They say with a coloscopy that when you shine light inside your Intestines it kills good bacteria

  • Had a Colonoscopy through the backdoor. They gave me a choice, with or without anesthesia, put to sleep. I chose anesthesia. Results were negative...knock on wood.

  • I cant tell if your joking or not simple get a female doctor to give it to you its not gay then especially if she says no homo🤣

  • I had this done and I will never be the same. They do not care that they injured me for life. Female 53 They did the endoscopy (in the mouth) at the same time. Injured for life

  • This guy has an anal fixation and Duff protest too much.

  • Colonoscopy is a preventative for colon cancer asshole. The swab is for a bullshit virus.

  • Please upload your streams here too.

  • Gay men probably look forward to this procedure

  • Hahahahaha! I have never laughed so hard. He’s right. These procedures are meant to give the doctors money and to rape us. Eat fiber every day - and you’ll never have to get a snake up your ass!!!!!

  • Colon cancer, ulcerative colitis and other GI problems are no joke. Some people suffer from this at an early age. I hope you never have to experience this.

  • Just had a colonoscopy yesterday. Every guy should make sure to get one.

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