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'Abandoned in a hurry' | RT takes a look inside seized Ukrainian Navy ships
Mar 14, 2022


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As the fighting continues in Berdyansk, the Russian military has seized Ukrainian ships and everything that came with them

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  • It's ridiculous to think that they think that those small boats with their thirty millimeter auto cannons would be used to attack missile frigates and torpedo destroyers. armed with 5 inch guns...

    The larger ship was rusty, meaning (to my way of thinking) that their navy didn't have the money for maintenance. Perhaps the reason their navy essentially quit was because it was not capable, many ships in poor repair and needing refits.

    The Ukrainian Navy was just for show.

    Now that I think about it, it occurs to me that I haven't seen any news of major naval engagements, of Russian or Ukrainian naval vessels being sunk, or of civilian shipping being sunk or captured in naval confrontations.

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  • The Ukrainian men did what made sense to them. They were not cowards, but felt no desire to die for corrupt scumbags. If the invaders were Turks rather than Russians, they would obviously be more concerned for the welfare of their families and would have stood up against them.

  • Wow.. They were scared. Goooo Putin!

  • Z I hate the Antichrist and his navy

  • Yay RT on Gab. Videos load very nicely now. Gab is better than telegram when it comes to video.

  • People in Western nations - like here in England, UK - are completely controlled by the Corporate-Gov't narrative, through MSM outlets. There is a wave of pro Ukrainian support and President Putin is portrayed as Darth Vader, heading up the 'evil' Russian forces. Coverage is mostly emotional, playing on people's emotions only. This is a continuation of the COVID19 alleged pandemic which was a tsunami of FEAR, purely based on emotional responses, NOT facts. People may have become programmed for emotional responses over objective & logical responses.

  • I commend and respect your decision to have RT on board here_ rather than being fed the corrupt western media propoganda, it's OK to get the Russian one too_ this will help us have a much broader view of what is happening and so be enabled to have the necessary tools for making and taking sound decisions about this well ocherstrated war_ spilling innocent blood of ordinary peoples of Ukraine.

    Judgement for the West is fast approaching.

  • looks like no one wants to fight for the globo homo. 😂😂😂

  • I've.been a commenter in RT chat for years.

    It's great to see RT on here :)

  • Interesting to see the Russian propaganda. After all, it is only fair since we see CNN, Fox and all sorts of other US government propaganda all the time.

  • Fair enough - having RT News here is somewhat welcome, and I agree with Andrew Torba's decision - but let's not give them an easy ride in here. They banned thousands of us for telling the simple truth on their comments section over the last 4 years - THOUSANDS of us that were banned by Zionist Jews that took over RT and had no respect whatsoever for FREE SPEECH. We will NEVER forget the OpenWeb and Disqus Juden-bosses who banned EVERYTHING critical of Zionist Israel and the JWO Agenda. Welcome, RT - but get your own House in fucking Order NOW!

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  • Excellent news! Ukraine must be rendered completely impotent!

  • Good news, no one had to die.

  • God bless you all.

  • I love hearing both sides and not be under the dominion of US western corporate media disinformation.

  • See, Ukraine is a people of peace 😏

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