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BBC interviews Ukrainian soldier with Nazi symbol on uniform
Mar 26, 2022


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The British broadcaster has interviewed a Ukrainian soldier sporting an infamous Nazi symbol on his uniform. Back in 2014, it reported on the role of neo-Nazis in the Donbass conflict and made a documentary about racism and anti-Semitism in the country.

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  • Psiop garbage, initiated by McCain....

  • Skull & Bones - Neo-Nazis so could be Ukrainian or US infiltrator

  • In times of war all sides do commit atrocities. Of all the armed forces during WWII the German military was the chivalrous. Once you get around the Jewish bull shit you will see clearly.

  • I love real nazi

  • That would be the Azor and they are true Nazi SS and they are supporting the USA and NATO. Why would they support the USA ? They are there to destabalize the UKraine and are enemy #1 to the Russians. They rose to power during the Crimea and Ukraine color revolution.

  • blah blah blah you keep regurgitating the same old Nazi BS, it was BS then and it's still BS today, the term Nazi is a Jewish construct made up by Jewish owned media to villainize the Germans in wwII, Zelinsky is a Zionist jew, that's how we know your lying

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  • US creating another terrorist group on the EU border

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