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Boston Dynamics teaches robot to work construction in style
Jan 22, 2023


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The robot apocalypse reached a baffling new phase this week, with Boston Dynamics revealing they’ve taught a robot how to assist construction workers using some light parkour. The video shows a pretend builder assembling some scaffolding for no apparent reason, then exclaiming that he has forgotten his tools. An Atlas robot then leaps (literally) into action, picking up a wooden board and a tool bag to aid in the imaginary construction. The machine then flamboyantly delivers the bag in a manner that likely violates several union laws. It then punches a box off a ledge, just because it can. A somersault and a victory celebration later, and everyone is wondering if trips to Home Depot in the future will be as noisy and bizarre.

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  • ... I will steal their copper... and other precious metals. Touché.

  • They can have my job...

  • very costly for a bag of tools

  • BULLLLLLLL shit. Totally CG. Here's what the real "construction worker robot" looks like. Awkward, slow as fuck, and could be outperformed by a human who drank a 40 pounder the night before:

  • It had to be said Hans Judeo Christian Anderson. Good work.

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