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Clinton & Rice justify US invasions while condemning Russia
Nov 19, 2022


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Same old, same old...

Washington's former top officials readily justify their military interventions around the world despite the atrocities and devastation they left in their wake

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  • As far as Ukraine is concerned do your homework. Don't count on TV news. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world. They annexed their Eastern side from Russia when the USSR collapsed. The entire Eastern side of Ukraine are Russian and have been fighting a guerrilla war against Ukraine since 2005 trying to get back to Russia. Do your research. Putin has done nothing wrong. We would not be helping Ukraine but for the corrupt business the Biden Family has been doing for years in Ukraine. Joe Biden will soon be charged with Treason.

  • How do the Clintons feel about Haiti? The people there have been trying to get rid of the Clintons for years since THEY took it over personally.

  • No one thinks what the US has done around the world in terms of wars was a good thing. But Russia's needless war of expansion isn't good either. In the case of Afghanistan America can at least justify that with the terrorist attacks on 9/11. No matter what you think happened that day. No one was doing anything to Russia. NATO the US and especially not the Ukrainians. No one was a threat to Russia. Yet they invaded Ukraine for nothing. It's obvious what the invasion was about. It's about pure expansionism and nothing more.

  • Clinton is a pure evil, being without a soul. What clinton thinks matters not, what matters, is when clinton will be beheaded.


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