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‘Europe needs an enemy, and this enemy needs to be Russia’ - Italian journalist
Jan 25, 2023


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RT spoke to Italian journalist Andrea Lucidi after his recent trip to Donbass, where he covered events outside of the Western narrative. He has told us that it has subsequently got him placed onto a potential terrorists watch-list in Europe, and that Western media’s reports about Donbass are ‘totally fake’.

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  • The beast system is the Jews unleashing all of their hate upon the World, only Jesus will prevent them from the complete annihilation of the world's Christians... Eqgyp, Syria, and Lebanon. And now they feel emboldened and want to re-shackle Russia back into bondage. The same bondage that the USA is currently headed into, the politicians, the churches and major media outlets have all fallen.

  • Nope. They re broke financially. War happen when group j doesnt have ressource. And group u has those resssource. War make those ressource avail. Yep honor among thieves. Ukraine is just the escuse

  • That's not an Italian, it's a Jew that lives in Italy - which explains why as always, he wants Europeans to fight the battles of the Jew. Russia is an enemy of globalism, the Jews' great nightmare they want to unleash on the world. Europe is the natural ally of Russia.

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