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Fakes emerge throughout Ukraine crisis just to be debunked later
Apr 05, 2022


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The crisis in Ukraine has prompted an unprecedented flow of fake-news allegations, with many of the stories circulated in the media over the past month ultimately being debunked. RT’s Donald Courter brings them to light.

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  • It is perfectly obvious that Zelenskyis a puppet for the Democrats as his Government was set up by Obama/Biden after they orchestrated a regime change in 2014. He has been supplied with arms, and money ever since. Those weapons have been used on the people of the Donbass who have been bombed and attacked for the last 8years. Thousands have died, including 200+ children, all with American weapons. Putin asked the UN to intervene and - stop the attacks on the Donbass remove the bio weapon laboratories - put there by Obama/Biden when they were banned in USA as too dangerous - from Russia’s borders, Stop NATO mission creep and interference on Russian territory UN refused to act after many requests In February 159,000 Ukrainian Azov Fascist Army troops gathered on the Donbass border ready to attack Donbass again. This time the Russian Army was there ready for them! The rest is history! Had UN acted there would have been no war. But White, Christian, Russian Donbass People were ignored by UN!

  • Fuck the lying jews.

  • there is no place zelensky can hide after this is over . . .

  • Zelensky is the actual war criminal, alongside Joe Biden. They both kill children, allegedly.

  • Zelensky liar puppet!

  • they’re all tied together with their own agendas . its discusting .

  • Z bright bold letters in book .

  • The only one committing war crimes is Zelensky, and the western media.

  • He is full of shit like the fake MSM and the British Regime they have no credibility 🇬🇧✝️

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  • I love my country. I fear my government.

    IF George Soros says 'Lay down your life for Ukraine...' than F Ukraine.


  • I think the American government is pushing thease lies, If you lie to me once, then ever thing you say is a lie.

  • My favorite is when Ukraine shot down.a the Millennium Falcon..

  • Zelenskyy is reading the script given by the CIA.

  • Hey Mr Reporter, why don't you go to Ukraine and examine yourself and took your own video? Are you scared of going to Ukraine and go to the cities that Russians destroyed? Go find the Nazis!

  • This fucking man is a nuisance

  • Ya Think? Our News says men can have babies, Parents are Domestic terrorist, America is a racist country. People Flooding US borders is opportunity, but a Crisis in Ukraine, The woman of the year is a Man but he/she/they/them whatever believes it, so it is? IDK? I'm not a biologist. 2 weeks really means 2 years. Afghanistan was a success, Un-vaxed you'll die or be an enemy. Masks work. Our economy is Putin's fault, not the printing of trillions. Biden is the most popular president ever. Just some of the 24/7, everywhere you look democratic socialist media.

  • Why does the video not play??

  • Crash down those Ukrainian Nazis! Standing with the great mother Russia! Slava

  • We know how much Zelensky and his army care about their civilians

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