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Femen activists detained after attempting to interrupt pro-Franco rally in Madrid
Nov 20, 2022


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Three Femen activists were detained after they tried to interrupt a rally held in Madrid on the anniversary of the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

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  • I think Femen is very similar to Pussy Riot. Look what Russian Cossacks did to Pussy Riot when they tried to disrupt the Russian Winter Olympics - sprayed them with bear mace then whipped them with Cossack Whips! Good.

    Why oh why are solid Ukrainians the heart of Cossackdom now have some horrible Yid leader and are now slaughtering their/our kinsmen in Ukraine/Crimea/Russia?

    Sigh. Vladimir Putin is the best nationalist European leader since World War II, Franco and Vladimir Putin would have gotten along great.

    J Ryan Left behind in Chicago

  • why would anyone have any problem with pro-France rally in Madrid?

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  • They're all carbon copies of each other no matter what country they're from lol.

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  • Wow - that's the real thing, right there.

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  • at least let them get naked and bounce around before arresting them.

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