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'Heinous crime against agriculture' | Israeli forces destroy 2,000 olive trees in West Bank
Nov 17, 2022


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'Without prior warning, they closed the area, completely bulldozed my land, and uprooted the olive trees' - complained Palestinian farmer after Israely soldiers destroyed least 2,000 olive trees in Qarawat Bani Hassan village. Last time the 'crime against agriculture' took place in Deir Ballout town, where Israeli forces uprooted 3,000 trees.

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  • when they say that hate makes you blind...

  • proving once and for all time they should NEVER have been allowed access to the holy land.

  • What a friggin waste!

  • My Italian grandfather told me it takes 25 years for an olive tree to mature and produce..... Then you get the evil jew to basically commit environmental genocide on a neighboring nations AG Crops.....If Palestinians had weapons to defend themselves with I would assume the jew crimes would be far less...... These filthy demonic scum jews will burn in eternal hell and the sooner the better for the entire planet earth.

  • Americas greatest Ally . How grand .

  • They just did the same thing in my USA town to build more mega apartment complexes for the illegal immigrant masses flooding across the open southern border. The replacement is a crime against humanity and out leaders should be hanged like the NAzi were.

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