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Kiev troops 'massacre' Russian POWs in 'common practice' - Moscow
Nov 19, 2022


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Russia’s Defense Ministry has accused Ukraine of having a policy of executing POWs while Western nations outright ignore the 'widespread practice' among Kiev’s troops


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  • it is a horrible crime made worse by the sense about this crime by the western media

  • Why wouldn't they massacre Russians? The have been summarily dispatching Ukrainian citizens since at least 2014 - thanks to Biden and Obama.

  • Investigation my ass. The Russians just simply need to overrun Ukraine and kill every known NAZI they can get their hands on, including Zelenskyy.

  • I like how they intentionally cut out the part where one of the russians comes around the corner spraying his ak.

  • Really wish Russia would have gone shock and awe on Ukraine from the start and would have captured Zelensky in a spider hole like Saddam Hussein.

  • When the 'western backers' did oversee the literal murder of civilians (mostly in Donbas, but basically anyone), for over 10 years, are we really surprised that EU, US are silent (or even supported) the barbaric and animalistic torture and murder of unarmed soldiers?

    Especially when we realize, that people from Donbas were photodocumenting murder of women and children and sending directly to Hague, Brussels. Not tens, not hundreds, but outright thousands of pictures and videos. That are ignored.

    Of course there won't be any justice from the devilish west (which is a stupid mistake of theirs, as they could at least control the information and punish some of the ukries, while letting others go)

    Now the only justice Jesus requests from us, The People, is Russians taking over Kiev, and making an example of actual JUSTICE + hunting all who will run to Swiss, France, Finland, US, UK... hunt them down and bring them to Russia for real tribunals.

    God requires justice, and we MUST oblige.

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