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Man calmly walks and gets in car during exaggerated CNN hurricane report
Sep 30, 2022


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There are two types of people in this world. On one hand, take this poor CNN reporter. Struggling to maintain balance, the occasional grasp of the bulletproof helmet (worn either because the hurricane was just so damn deadly, or he was on an average American street and worried he’d get shot). The cameraman channeling his inner Star Trek and shaking the camera like he was being torpedoed by the Klingons. The onscreen graphics with a live wind meter showing that, yes, it’s in the red so the wind must be super bad. This is the world of Hurricane Ian through the eyes of a major American newscaster.

And then take this random man, in the background of the same report, calmly walking to his car without the slightest hint of difficulty. This is the world of Hurricane Ian through the eyes of Florida Man. And that’s the only time you’ll see us use the term ‘Florida man’ without using the phrase ‘arrested for a bizarre incident.’

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  • Welcome to the real world of Mass (stupidity) Media.

  • Oh, I see it, the lying CNN fake "journalist" is standing in front of a screen with a wind machine and water sprayer in front of him.

  • CNN fake staged news to make themselves appear as if they are actually journalists? I'm guessing they did not go there, so they made the fake new report.

  • LOL What a clown!

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