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Manpower from Eastern Europe would reduce risk of body bags for NATO - Soros
Jan 25, 2023


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A resurfaced publication by George Soros, dated 1993, discusses how crises could be manipulated by the U.S. for its own goals through using European soldiers as cannon fodder. The document casts further doubt on the Western narrative that NATO and its allies have no stake in the ongoing conflict.

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  • no need for war. just send all the islamic immigrants over the russian border. turn russia into an islamic third world shithole like europe.

  • Who keeps asking him anything?

  • I'd rather watch the whole world be destroyed than allow to be corrupted into the horrors of his sickening imagination.

  • Million of NATO soldiers will die and America will lose the nuclear war bug time but Americans are stupid and do not realize America is a third rate military country Russia is a super power!

  • Israel admitted the real figures far over 250,000 Ukrainian were killed Washington DC lost financialy and soon most of America will lose and get nuked accrow all of America

  • Bull Shit all of NATO would also be terribly defeated the losses will be huge no matter what happens Ukraine is lost THANK GOD go Russia

  • All Humanity must remove themselves from Militaries around the world and refuse to fight for the money changers and all their creations by deception Doing Israel Bidding

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