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Massive feminist march against gender violence in Rome
Nov 27, 2022


Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Question more!



Thousands of feminist activists take to the streets of Rome to march against gender violence

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  • Worldwide degeneracy.

  • Disturbing behavior.

  • Bunch of filthy beegs

  • This is violence against my visual system.

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  • More like Feminazi's

  • They should be all be forced to spend a week with the Slapaho tribe. That would shut them up.

  • They don't realise it but what this actually is a;; about is the fact western men have let them down so the women are acting out. Yes, its very basic but that is the reality. All the ideology is just the vehicle but at its core its the Patriarchy let them down and men are mostly cowards today. The females see it, recognise it on a subconscious level and act out. This display is deeply troubles women.

  • this is not emotional and Hysterical, and irrational, and manipulative and passive-aggressive, and guilt-trip inducing at all. Every single assessment made by men of women for the last 5000 years is proven true in this one demonstration.

  • all other violence is okay, abortion, female to female, female to male, male to male, female to child(which is the most practiced violence) all okay. Just gotta stop that rare male to female violence. Even if the female provokes it and earned it..

  • ewww

  • Bunch of dumb cunts!

  • You know this stretches the bounds of insanity! Rome cane keep them!

  • i wonder who built their little wooden structure... looks pretty well engineered.

  • These idiot bitches are the same the world over.... they hate men so therefore the male species are dangerous, unkind, and never " fair " just to name a few.... Their real problem, just below the surface is they are horny as hell and real men don't want them for the same reason everywhere.. " they are just plain ugly bitches " and it is no wonder they hate men, men don't want to get near them....This whole thing started in the early 60's in the States with that jew slut man hater Gloria Steinham.... She constantly used jew propaganda Marxism / communism which worked very well then and obviously is now.... Any - " ISM " is counter to whatever is real , good, wholesome or beneficial to society.... Hence the word " Femin-ism "

  • There's nothing more unattractive than a feminist.

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  • Feminism is Marxism, Marxism is AIDS. Feminism = AIDS

  • They all look pretty determined to afflict violence on men, women, and children. There's enough kinky simps dudes that want to be wrestled and mounted by these crazy bitches who encourage them every chance they get. Of course there's bound to be some transvestites who identify as a woman too.

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