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Officer placed on leave after punching woman in the face during arrest
Jan 20, 2023


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An Ohio police officer has been put on administrative leave over a video showing him hitting a woman multiple times in the face during an arrest after she got into an argument with a McDonald's employee over the lack of extra cheese in her Big Mac.

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  • Dat nigga done kicked dat racist cop and he beat on dat bitch for no reason.

  • Why is she causing her own problems? Just comply idiot.

  • Good punch to place that low impulse control person under control.

  • The SHE BOON is an incredibly strong, ignorant creature, incapable of basic logic or reasoning. The best way to corral these apes is to use a net or a blowgun.

  • Most likely, that BITCH COP, is a freemason CUNT, who needs to get LYNCHED. Fucking PIG.

  • Watch out for the little fat bastards.

  • I hope she presses charges. Thug thinks hes tough.

  • Groids don't understand verbal commands. The only thing they understand is pain, and it takes a LOT of pain to get through to their walnut sized brain. So, dat wut he punching her fo.

  • It's stupid to resist arrest. They will win in the end. You will be handcuffed. You are going into the police cruisier, one way or the other. They have a number of weapons, you don't. They can assault you and in most cases get away with it, you wont. The problem with rebellious women is they're allowed to behave badly in public, destroy property and lay hands on employees or other customers. It most likely started in public school where they were allowed to terrorize certain students, because of entitlement.

  • White people aren’t allowed to punch a woman in the face. That is reserved for black men.

  • Officers. Revolution? Are you sick of this BS yet? No? You only have so much time before we won't trust you to join the militia's.

  • Looked like good police work to me.

  • "Why you punch her?" Because she is resisting arrest.

  • Watch the beginning again, she’s kicking him in the shin over some cheese.

  • fuck all gov all religions all cops and the whole system

  • I don't know, looked like resisting arrest to me. The office could have legally done something a lot more harmful than a punch in the face.

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