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Russia provides further evidence of alleged bioweapon labs in Ukraine
Mar 19, 2022


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Russia has presented further evidence to the UNSC that it says proves biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine under a US and NATO program

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  • I would put NOTHING past the US GOVT. and particularly under traitor joes admin. There is no longer any such thing as a conspiracy "theory".

  • Regardless of where you stand on Russia-Ukraine, does anyone see some pathway to this ending well? We have two nuclear powers calling out our government for funding biolabs in Ukraine. Meanwhile our government, along with all MSM, saying nothing to see here and it's all misinformation. Reminds me of when Clinton was in office and the first claims of impropriety came out. Was not long before the confession and a full blown investigation followed. The truth comes out on this and we are facing a world war because our leaders are morons and we are not holding them accountable.

  • The CIA did a great job brainwashing everyone not to believe anything that comes out of Russia Russia today is no longer a Communist country they are actually more capitalistic than we are after having a Biden as a p****

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  • Russian propaganda can no longer hold a candle to this illegitimate government’s propaganda. I’m more inclined to believe Russia because, “It’s the Russians,” is the Left’s new, “You’re a racist.”

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