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Russian Northern Fleet marines hold live-fire exercise
Nov 27, 2022


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Marines from Russia’s Northern Fleet perform live-fire exercises at a military training ground near Lake Santayarvi, Murmansk Region, ahead of Marine Corps Day.

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  • Go Russia!

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  • I fought a small contingency of Russians adviser / soldiers in Angola in the early 70's. ..Their main job was to advise the Cubans who were committed to spreading communism throughout all of Africa, not just Angola. Believe me the Russkies are good soldiers, they are a tough bunch but were not so good in the jungle environment.... Don't underestimate them, they are real good at forest and cold weather fighting. This is a high percentage of there home environment and training.... They will prevail in winter conditions in the Ukraine and anywhere it's cold. Watching this video shows how they Shoot , Move and Communicate which is the basic soldier technique and still use the RPG which is extremely effective even today. along with the greatest bush weapon ever invented.... The AK.

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