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Russian 'Viking' group snipers adapt to new combat challenges
Jan 23, 2023


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RT catches up with elite sharp-shooters from a Russian military group 'Viking' as the Ukraine conflict has demonstrated the ever-changing rules of modern warfare with soldiers being forced to adapt to new realities on the ground

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  • I know the Russians are bound to take weapons from fallen foes. But seriously guys, you can buy this shit on the black market without risking your life to get one. Ukraine sells them all over the world.

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  • Just know youve been pitted against another by the cia. Without my aproval, but non the less.....

  • i would advise .17 caliber regimental tasks. but better yet Prayer s to God. Prayers to Jesus. and remember that it not People you are fighting but the spirit of satan whom the west(woke) blesses.

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