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The difference between Ukrainian and other countries' refugees
Mar 28, 2022


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Ukrainians are lucky to be European. Because they are, they're being met with greater hospitality from European countries. Compare their welcome to that received by, say, the Middle Eastern refugees last year at the Belarus-Poland border. But who remembers that? It's ancient history now.

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  • IDC still don't want them here. Fuck off.

  • So, I prefer to help my family members next door or across the street, whom I know and get along with when their house gets blown away by a tornado over strangers that are coming from another part of town where another, more criminal element with entirely different views on how to live are also asking for help. Well, go figure. This piece of garbage criticism is so blind to reality and commonsense its creators should be ashamed of this presentation.

  • So you're saying Poland is smart because they want people who are more similar to them in their own country? Ok good...As for "muh racism", Russia(whom i also like) does similar by posting rent ads that say "White Slavs Only!"...That seems quite racist as well...but again, people have these biases everywhere you go. If someone doesn't like being around Whites, they are free to go to a more diverse shithole instead where different groups are constantly fighting.

  • Congratulations Poland. Islamic immigrants would bring crime and havoc to your country. However, Ukrainians is a right choice.

  • There is nothing wrong with wanting migrants that are compatible with your culture and limiting migrants which are NOT compatible with your culture.

  • You just couldn't help yourself , and even under these dire conditions, you had to pull the dirty old race card. Shame on you.

  • poland have seen what islam does to christian countries. muslim men are rapist paedophiles that need castrating and deporting. we have no problem with black christians who share the same values and culture as white christian europeans.

  • Fuck him and the horse he rode in on. You don't let middle eastern men in because they only know how to rape and kill women. Big difference.

  • what i want to know is why is based poland taking in so many refugees from a country that is clearly leftist and authoritarian as evidenced by the azov battalion, c14?

  • RT are bunch of anti-white masonic jews like putin, biden, trump and zelenskyy.

  • That was an RT low point.

  • I totally disagree with the sentiment of this opinion piece! islamic refugees are NOT refugees. They are invaders! They lost to Western powers in the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other places. If these men of fighting age were truly fleeing the wars in their countries, they should have fled to OTHER islamic COUNTRIES IN THEIR REGION. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Egypt are all islamic countries that they could have gone to. Even Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia are islamic countries they could have gone to.

    No! The vanquished fighters of those countries, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as from islamic countries in the African continent all went to European countries to INVADE. They couldn't win in the battlefield, so they switched tactics and employed a new strategy, take over through population and voting their way to conquest.

    The Ukrainian people are true refugees. It isn't just men of fighting age fleeing to Poland, but entire families. The elderly, women with their children, these are the kinds of people who were absent from the islamists who invaded Europe under the guise of refugee. Poland was smart! They kept the INVADERS out of Poland.

  • Polish people are smart.

  • LOL, Poland is smart, albeit hypocritical...

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