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The very idea that their own allies could be behind attack is alien to EU – Zakharova on Nord Stream
Sep 29, 2022


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Commenting on the recent accidents on the Nord Stream pipelines, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the very idea that those whom the EU calls its allies might be behind the incident is 'unacceptable' to the bloc.

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  • I hope this wakes them up at last, dumb sheep. The invasion of Europe didn't wake them up. The targeted food storage facilities didn't do it either. Shutting off the gas, nope. If they're still scratching their heads, they don't deserve to have one. If they're so hell bent on freezing, let them. Their leaders are openly treasonous, and they are still not going full Sri-Lanka on them.

  • The world "Pop quiz asshole. Russia is using pipelines as a hostage to get their way. What do you do?"

    USA "Shoot the hostage"

  • Hey Zakharova, tell Putin it's the God Damned #JEWS not Anglo Saxons. Wtf is wrong with Putin I thought he was intelligent, but it sounds like he wants to be the number 1 jew slave nation again. It's obvious he's yet another jew puppet like every other world leader. America is captured by Jews, they are running everything and stealing every effin sheckle they can as they destroy America. And the JEWS are going to destroy every other White Nation including Russia so Putin needs to stop with this nazi bull shit and take care of the Jewish Mafia. Hitler was too nice.

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  • The whole idea is to make sure as many Europeans die of cold this winter as possible- that is the goal and that is the war. If they missed you with the vax- they will get you with cold and inflation. Its all the same people its all the same plan- A CULL, Putin might just be playing his part to create the situations to enable confusion, inflation and death by any means, Its war Jim but not as we know it.

  • No they are in on scam that is Ukraine and the Pipeline. This is a created crisis by the US/EU/WEF/Israel. Everything about it is manufactured and obvious. Only the sheep believe a word they say.

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